Do you have a backlog of IT requests for data reports that just keeps growing?

How much of IT’s time do these requests take?

Which is the most common complaint you hear from analytics users?

What types of questions are most of your users asking of their data?

For the majority of your users, what level of data control do you want to maintain?

How often do your users need to conduct these activities?

Drag and drop them in order of frequency:

  • Very Often:
  • Sometimes:
  • Not Often:
  • Build new dashboards and reports by reconfiguring settings and selecting new parameters
  • Monitor and track important KPIs using preconfigured reports
  • Select any business attributes they want to investigate and construct new views and data dimensions to explore information
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  • Consumers

    Consumers aren't completely savvy with analytics. They prefer to work with a predefined experience where they can regularly view, interact with, and personalize a preconfigured asset.

  • Creators

    A creator’s analytics experience is more managed than predefined. They want to choose the data they need and supplement existing reports with their own metrics.

  • Analysts

    An analyst’s experience is entirely self-directed. They want to be able to bring their own data, build their own dashboards and reports, and mine insights they can then share with others.